Stykra Adhesive Tape Range

Stykra double side bonding tapes offer the UK sign industry a range of tapes that will outperform current alternatives. Our unique range provide bonding solutions for all manner of sign and display materials which can help improve fabrication lines and installation practices. Take a look at the whole range below.

Stykra 700 EXT - Structural Bonding Tape

The Stykra 700 EXT is our highest performing modified acrylic tape. Boasting extremely high sheer and tensile strength the unique formulation outperforms most in its class. The EXT range was specifically developed to bond LSE materials such as powder coat metals and dissimilar materials. With great initial tack the 700 EXT can be applied in temperatures as low as 0°C and will withstand temperatures up to 160°C. Suitable for all weather environments the Stykra 700 is designed to be used in the most demanding structural applications such as road sign fabrication.

Common Applications

Stykra 600 EXT - Optically Clear Bonding Tape

The Stykra 600 EXT is our highest performing optically clear, acrylic tape. Boasting high sheer and tensile strength the unique formulation outperforms most in its class. The Stykra 600 is designed to be used on demanding applications that require optically clear bonds between glazing, acrylic and aluminium profiles.

Common Applications

Stykra 650 - Acrylic Foam Tape

The Stykra 650 is an acrylic foam tape suitable for bonding a variety of substrates that require a strong permanent bond. Suitable for high surface energy materials where high bond strength is required to replace mechanical or unsightly fixings. A very good all round acrylic bonding tape.

Common Applications

Stykra 230 - High Performance Polyester Tape

The Stykra 230 is an extremely aggressive HPPE tape. Boasting outstanding initial tack and extreme resistance to UV, humidity, solvents and plasticizers. The extremely thin tape lends itself perfectly to the sign & display industry where high performance mounting is a necessity. Utilised in the Point of Sale and interior fit out sector for secure mounting of plaques, trims and general signage.

Common Applications

Stykra 130 - Exterior Foam Tape

The Stykra 130 is a high performing 1mm foam tape designed for bonding & mounting various materials to undulating and smooth surfaces. The 1mm thick construction allows for secure bonding that will withstand uneven surfaces and low forms of differing thermal expansion rates between dissimilar materials.

Common Applications

Stykra 300 - Perm/Peel Foam Tape

The Stykra 300 is a unique display tape that allows for permanent bonding to one surface and removable adhesive on the other. Perfect for mounting temporary signage and "for sale" signs on forecourts. Also extremely popular in the exhibition market where clean peel removability is required.

Common Applications

Stykra 310 - Perm/Peel Tape

The Stykra 310 is a ultra-thin perm peel tape that allows for permanent bonding to one surface and removable adhesive on the other. Perfect for mounting temporary internal signage that requires a thin, seamless application.

Common Applications

Stykra 500 - Double Side Banner Tape

High performance double sided banner tape used to hem PVC banners prior to eyeletting. Suitable for all solid PVC banner material that require reinforced hems.

Common Applications

Stykra 580 - Ultimate Hemming Tape

The Stykra 580 is the ultimate performance banner hemming tape. Suitable for hemming mesh banners, creating pole pockets and banner joins. The extremely aggressive adhesive is designed for the most extreme banner installations and provides a much longer term bond between all PVC banner types.

Common Applications

Stykra 400 - Toffee Tape

The Stykra 400 is an aggressive rubber resin tape used in many industries to bond plasticiser heavy materials. Most commonly used in the Sign & display market for short-term bonding of Twin-flute display board.

Common Applications

Stykra 450 - Toffee Tape ULTRA

The Stykra 450 is the top performing toffee tape in its class. The highly stable and aggressive rubber resin tape has been specifically designed to outperform standard toffee tapes. The modified formulation provides long-term UV stability for outdoor applications along with impressive peel and shear strength. The Stykra 450 is perfect for twin-flute applications that need to last the test of time.

Common Applications
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Why choose Styrka bonding tapes

Stykra as a brand has invested in the research and development of bonding tapes and adhesives suited specifically to the sign and display industry. Stykra ensures all tapes and adhesives reach the required levels of performance and aim to provide the highest quality adhesive tapes on the market.

Unrivalled exterior performance

Our exterior bonding tapes have been put through rigorous testing procedures to meet the highest specification.

Standing the test of time

Our permanent structural bonding solutions are designed to replace mechanical fixings and improve fabrication quality, stability and efficiency

Niche Markets

Stykra has focused on the sign and display market when creating the range of bonding tapes on offer today.

Creative Solutions

Stykra believes in constant progression, always striving to find improved and enhanced bonding solutions to the sign, display and construction industry

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