Stykra 700 EXT - Structural Bonding Tape

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Top performing double side tapes and adhesives for the most demanding applications in the Sign, Print and display industries. Find the power to bond with Stykra

Industrial adhesives, Professional results .

Stykra has built a trusted name with high performance bonding systems in the UK sign industry. Pushing the boundaries of adhesive tape capabilities and developing new solutions to aid sign makers and fabricators.

Performance Tested

With a strong foundation of research and production our Stykra adhesives go through vigorous technical testing and quality control processes to ensure our high performance solutions are maintained.

Adhesive Systems

The Stykra range of tapes and adhesives cater for all manner of applications throughout the sign and construction industry. Stykra specialise in interior and exterior bonding systems.

Structural Strength

Stykra produce a range of adhesives that are suited to efficiently replace mechanical fixing methods such as rivets & screws. Adhesive solutions allow clean and seamless bond lines between materials.

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Structural Stress Dissapation

Our Stykra EXT series adhesive tape system provides the highest performance within our acrylic foam series. With stress dissapation technology the Stykra 700 EXT can handle temperature fluctuation and dissimilar material expansion.

Creating a Structural Bond with Stykra 700 EXT

Reviews from the industry

Here at Sign Maker Business we rely on the Stykra brand to fabricate our external sign systems with the confidence it will stand the test of time
John Doe
Sign Maker Business
Sign Fabrication is a big part of our business. Before we found Stykra we were stuck using mechanical fixings which did not look aesthetically pleasing.
Margaret Doors
Sign Fabricator
When my team is out on an installation project we always keep our vans stocked with Stykra adhesives. It has saved us many times in the past.
Peter Paul
Sign Installer
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